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Reolian is designated for a very specific role - Provide a state-of-the-art public transport company for Macao.

In order to reach this goal, we bring over 10 new management e-systems that are to be used by different departments of Reolian. Most of them have been developed internally in order to develop and improve bus operation and maintenance performance.

Since 2013, Reolian has received the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certificate for complying with the standard OHSAS : 18001 and GB/T 28001 - 2011.

reolian_driverWe also bring tailor-made buses adapted to the streets of Macao. One of the major challenges has been linked to the small buses that go through all the historical parts of Macao as constraints affect the width, length, and turning radius of the buses. Many onsite studies have been realized with our Team and Partners.

Reolian Management is a plurality of both local and international expertise. Reolian Team includes expertise coming from Macao, France, Australia, US, China, and Hong Kong and is expecting to grow. Our team members are public transport professionals and we do everything for the benefits of the public transport network in Macao:

  • Reolian takes part in the development of Macao.
  • Our service is linking social ties.
  • Public transport enables the freedom of movement and fosters equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Public transport helps preserve the environment and drives sustainable development of the city.
  • Reolian encourages Macao people to take public transport and strives to improve bus image.
  • The tasks are challenging and demanding innovations from transport professionals!


It is our honor to be part of the Macao public transport network in serving the DSAT and Macao residents!

Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção No. 258
21 Andar, Praça Kin Heng Long

Customer Hotline: (+853) 2877 7888
Career Hotline: (+853) 8395 6666
Fax: (+853) 2875 5220


客戶服務部熱線: 2877 7888
求職熱線: 8395 6666
傳真: 2875 5220

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